10 random things I currently cannot live without

Hi friends! I wanted to share a few random things that I cannot live without, I always find it so interesting to hear what people obsess over! I kept it pretty simple, believe it or not i’m pretty simple.. (HA everyone who knows me is rolling their eyes.) I’d love to hear your favorite obsessions! I’ve tried to link everything for you!

  1. Anthropologie fir & firewood candle- I ask for this candle from everyone at Christmas.. so I end up with about 12 for me to burn throughout the year! Who doesn’t love Christmas year round? https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/capri-blue-fir-firewood-jar-candle?category=home-candles&color=032

  2. The Belonging Co (TBCO TV)- For a little over a year I have followed along weekly to hear from pastors Alex & Henry Seeley. The culture they’ve created within their church is unreal, and i’m just an online viewer! Some of my favorites to watch are their testimony series, you gotta check it out! https://thebelonging.co/media/

  3. Suja Organic Mixed Berries Kombucha- If you’re into kombucha, this delivers just enough punch.. listen at me sounding super granola.

  4. Thirst written by Scott Harrison- I’ve always been drawn to people who put their dreams aside to pursue something greater than the norm. I think we sometimes get caught up living to check off our personal bucket list- instead of living to check off another persons basic needs list. Scott Harrison meets needs by bringing CLEAN DRINKING water to people all over the world through his organization Charity Water. https://my.charitywater.org/about/scott-harrison-story

  5. 35 mm Pentax k1000- This has become my new best friend, it is super inexpensive and very reliable! I love to take it with me on shoots to capture more behind the scenes / documentary style shots. You can sometimes find these at your local thrift shop or eBay!

  6. Zulu Lack of Color hat- This is a super obvious one, I wear this daily, Its super vintage/boho and it fits my personality.. my roots adore it! https://lackofcolor.com/products/the-zulu

  7. SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter- I know this sounds silly.. But my cousin/bestie Katie turned me on to this buttery lotion and I am still obsessed. It is infused with Frankincense and Myrrh.. aka Jesus lotion. https://www.sheamoisture.com/raw-shea-butter-body-lotion.html

  8. Ascot & Hart- You’re welcome. I get asked a lot where I buy my clothes and I repeat over and over again online. This online shop has ruined shopping in stores and mainstream brands for me, and i’m not complaining. Two super stylish babes run it out of Texas, their eclectic taste is so spot on! If your vibe is boho/surfy/cozy check them out! https://www.ascotandhart.com

  9. Pinterest- Who knew i’d be a grown adult still pinning? Me and only me.. This is where I get inspired and plan all of my editorial shoots for the year! (I save those on private boards) Check out my latest pins and follow along. https://www.pinterest.com/halletoothman/

  10. Zucchini Noodles- Katie if you’re reading i’ve made this 3 times since you left. If your thighs hate pasta like my knees do, CONVERT.

    I just realized katie turns me on to really cool things, katie I dedicate this post to you.